From the recording LEFT HOME

When someone who already feels alone and has experienced abuse is left home, their emotional state can be particularly challenging. They may experience a range of intense emotions, including:

1. Fear: Being alone can trigger fear, especially if they have been previously abused or feel vulnerable.

2. Loneliness: Their existing feelings of loneliness can intensify when left alone, as they may have no one to turn to for support.

3. Anxiety: Past experiences of abuse can lead to heightened anxiety when left alone, as they may fear for their safety or well-being.

4. Isolation: They may feel even more isolated and cut off from the outside world, which can worsen feelings of helplessness.

5. Depression: Being alone can exacerbate feelings of sadness and depression, which they may already be struggling with.

It's crucial to recognize the seriousness of this situation. If you or someone you know is in this situation, consider reaching out to a mental health professional, counselor, or a trusted friend or family member for support. Addressing both the feelings of loneliness and the effects of past abuse may require specialized help and resources.