Sparda Deleon

DIE 2 DIABETES. For any one who lives with Diabetes or knows someone dealing with the dis-ease of Diabetes, knows it is a daily challenge. A song by Sparda Deleon, a HIP HOP Musician who struggles with TYPE 1 Diabetes called "DIABETIC(NO FEAR)" inspired the idea to create a slogan to inspire others who live with the dis-ease to tell it "DIE"! "YOU WONT BEAT ME EVEN WITH DIABETES"! The goal is to help spread awareness of the mental affects the dis-ease carries, as well as to inspire the bearers of this challenging dis-ease to live with NO FEAR of it. To say DIE 2 Diabetes is to say this wont beat me. I can live dis-ease free without fear. SAY DIE....BET.....I....C...NO....FEAR!

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