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A product of the birthplace of Hip Hop The Bronx of New York City, which ironically is one of the more impoverished boroughs of the iconic Big Apple.

Born into an abusive household led by an alcoholic & jobless father Sparda understood strife very early in his developmental years. The youngest of 4 children, Sparda recalls some of the toughest points of his upbringing:

“I remember going to my friends crib sometimes just to eat and end up having to steal his clothes just to have something to rock to school! "Things was so ruff I had to rock my sisters clothes with pink skippys!! Yeah, that was life”.


Seeking an outlet from the physical & mental abuse endured at home, Sparda turned to the streets following the depictions that he saw of what fast money could do. His greatest lesson to date was a time in which he shares being betrayed by his mom after an incident in which his father threatened the life of everyone in the household. Sparda called the cops, only to be uprooted by his mothers' denial of his dad's actions when authorities arrived. Victimized by a brutal beating at the hands of his father Sparda sat down to write, My Life. Sparda used this composition to vent and from that point forward music was the highest form of therapy he would know. Choosing to put his all into music, Sparda has grown tremendously both in character and in artistry. He recorded his first entited :

Mixtape Vol 1. Who Is He. :

After it's release, the support and appreciation gave him life. He found the confidence to put out another body of work : Wanted .

Showcasing phenomenally in the tri-state, Sparda De Leon hit the road heading to Canada as a performer on the Just For Laughs Kr3ts Dance Tour . Tragedy would hit soon thereafter as his family would be evicted upon his return, furthermore Sparda was FALSELY diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, which would later be upgraded & diagnosed as Type 1 Diabetes, which requires daily insulin. Sparda would soon relocate to Delaware, finding peace of mind, getting his health status & sugar levels under control.  To return back to NYC build momentum  to release

Adventures of Tomy Green.





SPARDA DELEON'S  goal is to unite people through his music and spread positivity and power throughout the globe. His vision & dream is not just of a personal success, but for the success & joy of positive people!